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“I want you to love me more than you love good literature. More than you love graffiti and sex and home-cooked meals. I want you to love me more than you love the way the grass smells after it’s been cut, the way the world spins around you as you roll down a hill, the way you feel after a full night’s sleep. I want you to love me more than you love all of your favourite things. Because I love you so much. You are all of my favourite things wrapped up into one person.”

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Niki Norberg


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Mila Kunis




for those who never quite learn how to be loved.

i hope one day you find someone who loves you so much you forget how it feels to be hurt. i hope they love your morning breath and drunk ramblings. i hope they kiss you every night and i hope you wake up warm with their arms around you. i really hope that person love every fiber of you and enjoy every moment they get with you. god i hope they love you, and i hope you let them.